Road Markings

At Hearne Line Marking, we use only high quality road paint to give the best results for your road marking requirements.  We work with you to provide the best solution tailored to your budget, whether you want to use thermoplastic line marking or chlorinated rubber paint.

Thermoplastic Line Marking

Hearne Line Marking - Zebra Crossing Road Marking - hot thermoplastic line marking paintThe most suitable material for hard-wearing road marking is hot thermoplastic line marking, which we apply using an extruder.  This solution delivers a very durable, high quality, anti-skid road marking surface. Another advantage of thermoplastic road markings is that it can be driven on within minutes of being applied. Thermoplastic line marking is perfect for roads, warehouses, pavements, car parks, sports facilities and playgrounds, or any other heavy traffic areas.

Chlorinated Rubber Paint

If you require a lower-cost line marking solution, we can apply chlorinated rubber paint using a high-pressure spray. Chlorinated rubber paint is very durable and flexible, is highly reflective, and is chemical resistant. It is suitable for use on steel, asphalt, bare concrete, or previously painted floors.

Anti-slip Paint

Anti-slip paint is a ideal for both interior and exterior foot traffic, and can be used in a great variety of places where health and safety is an issue - warehouses, balcony walkways or the tail-lift of a lorry, to give just a few examples. It can be applied to almost any surface that needs a tough anti-slip protective coating, and provides a finely-textured anti-slip surface. 

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